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 For a unique method of adding fog effects to water features and garden areas, outdoor misting is the solution. Outdoor misting allows for the subtle introduction of fog effects into any outdoor application By  utilizing a 800 PSI-pump module and specially designed outdoor misting risers, any standard landscaping project can be transformed into a cool and soothing tropical scene. header
The outdoor misting concept allows for utilization of the unique characteristics of fog and the implementation of those characteristics of fog and the implementation of those characteristics into any landscaping project.
The outdoor misting kit includes a 800 PSI-pump module, the necessary tubing and fittings, and unique outdoor misting risers These risers are attached to the feed line and are placed for an entrancing effect like no other. The special memory tubing used for the risers allow the fog to be directed and controlled for maximum effect. In addition, as the landscaping matures, the fog and be re-directed as necessary.

Our outdoor misting solutions are custom designed to fit your individual needs.  We provide solutions for residential and commercial locations.

Transform your surroundings with the help of Sunrise Misting Systems.

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